The modern minimalist home exterior design

The Modern Minimalist Home Exterior Design

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The modern minimalist home exterior design is becoming a trend today, so many homeowners want to apply it.

With a simple but elegant style, modern minimalist home design is the choice of many people to create a beautiful and functional home appearance.

Modern minimalist home exterior designs which currently have a lot of enthusiasts are those with European concepts and styles.

So that you can have a dream house that is so perfect, even though you have to pay more.

In fact, many people like this European-style house, since ancient times, especially since the territory of Indonesia was occupied by the Dutch for hundreds of years.

So inevitably the design, concept and style of the house is more towards European style.

But for European-style houses, the past and now are certainly more different.

Because along with the development of the touch era, the touch in it also follows the trend that is being liked at this time.

Modern Minimalist Home Exterior Design

Minimalist home design with European style combines the simplicity and beauty of classic European architectural styles.

With an emphasis on elegant details and ornaments, a minimalist European style house gives an elegant and luxurious feel.

In this article, we will discuss the concepts, characteristics, and elements contained in a European-style minimalist home design.

But whatever the trend, if a house concept adopts its original style, there will definitely be an original touch that is applied to the house.

European Style Modern Home Design

The modern minimalist home exterior design

One of them is a modern house with a minimalist concept with a combination of building styles and stately houses in Europe.

Although what characterizes European buildings is the form of design and very high artistic value.

However, the modern concept for the house, if combined, will create a modern minimalist house with a magnificent European style.

Distinctive Characteristics of European-Style Exterior Design

The most emphasized in the exterior design of this modern minimalist house is of course the presence of large pillars.

Usually also high, be it at the main door or in other parts that are suitable for installing the pole.

Artistic Pole

Although the hallmark of this European building there are many ornaments that are applied either to the walls or pillars.

However, for a modern minimalist home, this is certainly more reduced.

Because the main concept of this house is minimalism, so simple and minimal ornamentation is what characterizes it.

Artistic ornaments will be more beautiful applied to the exterior of this house at the ends of pillars, on door lists, window lists and ornaments in certain parts.

Coloring / Use of Paint Colors

So that the impression of Europe has a more European taste, you can perfect it by choosing the right paint. Combine white wall paint, then gray, black and brown.

Use of Stone Ornaments

To provide high artistic value without reducing the value of a minimalist home concept.

It’s a good idea to apply ornaments in the form of natural stone to the interior walls of the house.

If you don’t want to build this minimalist house from scratch or already have a finished European style house.

Then you can make a minimalist touch to the finished European style house while maintaining the characteristics of this European style house.

So, to get a house in this European style, you don’t have to make it from scratch because you can also do renovations to an already finished house.

Although it’s actually more satisfying if you make it from scratch.

But what is certain, when you make a minimalist European style house.

Then the combination of the two must really be felt.


Thus, you can get European home designs that are indeed European in style without reducing the value of the minimalist culture which is the main concept of the house.

And that’s a brief review of the exterior design of a modern minimalist home, hopefully it can inspire you.

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