reasons for a favorite minimalist home design

Reasons for a Favorite Minimalist Home Design – Check the Facts!

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The Reasons for a Favorite Minimalist Home Design has become excellent in recent years, especially among young people who are looking for a simpler and more efficient lifestyle.

Then why and why is a minimalist home design the favorite? There are various designs and models of house construction. Starting from the simple to the show of luxury and splendor.

The design is also broad, because each design has its own standards. Therefore not many people can realize their dream residential design.

Even more so if you don’t have a clear concept about a dwelling. In fact, often there is a rough picture.

Especially if you have decided you want a minimalist home concept for comfortable living. But haven’t been able to translate it in the form of drawings or designs and financing costs.

There are also those who don’t understand what they want, they only know from pictures in several books or searching the internet.

Therefore it is necessary to know what kind of house designs exist and are very comfortable to live in.

What’s Included in the Concept of Minimalist Home Design?

There are various variations of home designs to choose from to determine the most comfortable residential design.

Starting from the Mediterranean style to the contemporary concept, namely minimalism.

Whatever the choice, of course, everything requires a specific concept, so that people who are experts in their fields can help you translate the picture of the dwelling in terms of design and costs.

One of the trends in today’s home design is minimalist housing, and most people have a burden.

And his own responsibility so that it requires a comfortable home concept for himself.

One way is to reduce the use of items that can have an impact on taking up time to care for them.

The concept of a minimalist home is also not much different, namely by maximizing the number of existing rooms.

Concept Principles and Minimalist Home Design

In principle, the concept of a minimalist home is to maximize the existing land area, which is increasingly limited today. Besides that, they also try to maximize their lifestyle so that the quality is getting better.

So many young people like the minimalist style because it is considered an achievement in itself. Because the minimalist concept of residence looks elegant but does not require a lot of ornaments in every corner.

Establishing a minimalist concept in a residential design requires the sharpness of its own ideas. Because what you want to translate is simplicity by emphasizing the use of various elements and design elements for the construction of a dwelling.

Therefore, most homes that have a minimalist home concept are also very clean and sleek. In general, it has limited space but its function is optimized by the occupants of the house.

The application of a minimalist home design is only the most basic requirement that is presented. Stay function is very essential and functional.

Therefore many avoid ornaments that have no function at all. Usually it also involves various multifunctional elements not only for decoration.

And including for the use of every corner it can also function as a decoration, it can be a minimalist bookshelf.

The minimalist home concept is very modern so the plans look very consistent. Because it only involves clean and sharp lines.

The use of paint colors is generally simple, which seems clean and bright.

Minimalist House Concept And Design

In a minimalist home design, it is usually dominated by various basic geometric shapes using simple materials.

In addition, it does not require a lot of decoration and has a conceptual structure repetition.

Likewise with the use of materials that are mostly dominated by steel, glass and metal. If usually ornaments are natural stones in a minimalist home concept, this should be avoided as much as possible.

So that it can be said that the hallmark of a minimalist concept residence is utilizing a bright color palette, and each room is optimally functioned. All the furniture is very simple, sleek, and not over the top.

Usually, the minimalist residential concept emphasizes natural lighting that can illuminate the entire house. So that the building will look simple, clean and comfortable as well as bright.

Therefore, in general, the minimalist home design concept has a large opening window where the use of the frame is generally made of aluminum with simple glass.

The goal, of course, is to ensure that sunlight enters as wide as possible with high intensity. If it is considered too bright, then the next step is to make a simple design to reduce it, such as making curtains.

These are The Characteristics of a Minimalist Concept House Design

reasons for a favorite minimalist home design
reasons for a favorite minimalist home design

In the world of home construction, there are special characteristics that emphasize that each building has a certain concept.

Likewise in a house with a minimalist concept. Of course there are some standard things that must be obeyed by the architects who want to.

And that makes the reason for a minimalist home design to be excellent.

The construction is simple

The main characteristic of a minimalist house is the simplicity of the building which focuses a lot on geometric shapes. Generally have a floor plan that is square or cube according to the area of ​​the land.

For lighting, many architects are trying to maximize a row of windows with a geometric style that is dominated by boxes. There is also a phase angle whose size is 90 degrees so that it looks angular.

The use of materials is not varied, the majority are dominated by the use of concrete, glass, and steel. Therefore, for those who like vintage or country homes, this minimalist design seems boring.

The use of natural and monochrome colors

If you pay attention, in general, the use of color in a minimalist home is not too much. Usually only use natural colors or monochrome ones.

If you want to look more striking then generally use the color of the ground.

Monochrome colors used as one of the minimalist home color paints make the room look cleaner, airy and bright.

Not only that, it turns out that neutral colors can also give a luxurious impression to the room.

Generally, the colors used are basic colors, namely white, black, and gray. Meanwhile, for internet cafes, beige or brown wood is usually used.

And if you want to use earthy colors, you can add dark red and dark brown.

Even though you have used a neutral color paint application, you must also be able to arrange the interior design according to the concept of the house. Pay attention to buying furniture that is multifunctional and ensure its benefits.

Do not ignore the selection of furniture colors that should match the wall paint. The impression of broad and airy will be more pronounced. Because matching colors will make the minimalist concept even more real.

Color Selection in Minimalist and Modern Homes

The choice of colors that can be applied to a minimalist home other than neutral colors and earth colors are as follows:

Dark blue

You can apply dark blue or what is known as dong blue for a room that is used as a resting place. Because the impression obtained is cool and comfortable to relieve fatigue.

Apply it all over the wall and add a multifunctional ornament that can also be used as decoration. Among other things, is a minimalist book with a firm accent or a geometric mirror.

You can also add lamps with a geometric concept to beautify the room so it doesn’t seem too stiff.

Apply soft lighting for the bedroom. Meanwhile, in the living room or guest room, two types of light can be applied, namely bright and dim.


Lavender color has a tendency to purple and indeed many avoid it. Because there are negative impressions such as grief when applying it.

But you can choose a soft nominee of this purple color. The application can be combined with dark purple so it doesn’t seem dark.

Don’t add furniture that has old colors but take advantage of brightly colored ones. An example is cream or ivory white.

To keep it minimalistic, you can take advantage of multifunctional decorations that have the same color tone. For example, using a wardrobe color that has nuances.

Light gray

Gray is also a color that is generally applied to minimalist design homes. To avoid a dull impression, choose a light gray color so it looks fresher.

Take advantage of multifunctional furniture and ornaments so that the room does not look monotonous. Apply a bit of black to the furniture and white to the center of attention in the room.

Functions in the Utilization of Furniture

Effective and efficient

The choice of furniture cannot be ignored in a minimalist concept. In addition to its maximum function, there should be no furniture that is only used as a decorative ornament in the house.

There are always other functions that are emphasized in their utilization. An example is a table that functions as a storage area for goods. Or a sofa chair that can also be used as a guest bed.

Why is that? This type of furniture is chosen to ensure that no function of the room is wasted. In general, the shape also follows the area of each room to be filled.

In general, the form of furniture used is not too big and doesn’t have many accents or decorations that are too excessive.

In fact, it is more likely to feature maximum function with minimal utilization of area.

The room is open and reduces the number of partitions

The principle of using space in a minimalist home is maximum, so you usually avoid partitions between rooms.

Each room can serve 1 to two variations. Another way is to use the living room which also functions as a family room.

It could also be that the kitchen room is one with the dining room, the washing area is in the same room as the clothesline. In principle, each room can function optimally.

This is done so that the impression of relief can be seen from every room. Because in general, the construction of minimalist homes is carried out on land that is not large enough.

So that when the occupants of the house enter a house it doesn’t look cramped.

Designed with multiple openings

Another special characteristic of a minimalist house is the number of windows installed in the parts of the house that are exposed to sunlight.

The goal, of course, is to buy, provide an opportunity to feel bright without adding to the electricity load.

So naturally there is a lot of use of glass with a frame made of aluminum which is coated with white paint. So the minimalist design concept still looks luxurious and elegant.

Factors Influencing Minimalist Home Design Concepts

reasons for a favorite minimalist home design

Based on its development, a minimalist residential concept will indeed be heavily influenced by various cultures.

Not only because of the fulfillment of demands where everyone wants a house that seems comfortable but not too complicated.

Japanese design influence

One country that greatly influences the concept of minimalist home design is Japan. because it emphasizes simplicity by utilizing natural elements that are close and familiar to human life.

Japanese housing is more influenced by freedom and the essence of life that exists in an empty space.

So the application is to remove the entire wall and that is not necessary and open up the space between the interior and exterior design.

By reducing stress, the room will appear wider, relieved, and comfortable. What’s more, with the application of multifunctional ornaments so it doesn’t take up space.

Scandinavian design influences

Scandinavian countries are also one of the cultures that have an effect on the development of minimalist home designs.

More emphasis on the use of wood materials and the use of neutral and monochrome colors.

Plus the main design of the Scandinavian country concept is to include as much sunlight as possible into the room.

This is understandable because the basic idea is that the country does not receive too much sun throughout the year.

Therefore, many Scandinavian countries design minimalist residential concepts to maximize lighting.

So, when it’s summer, sunlight can directly illuminate the entire room.

The Reasons for a Favorite Minimalist Home Design are Liked by Many People

The concept of minimalist home design is liked by many people, especially young people. Because this generation generally does not have much time to care for it. Apart from wanting to be efficient and effective.

The reasons that many people give when they want to choose a minimalist home design are as follows:

Focus on function

The first thing that is the reason many people like a minimalist home design is that it places more emphasis on function so that it feels more effective and efficient.

There is a wider impression, especially in residential designs built in urban areas. Because in general it has a limited land area

All the furniture is multifunctional so you don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy a lot of equipment

Impressed comfortable and elegant and simple

Impressed clean and tidy and easy to do maintenance because it is a room without partitions and boundaries

Don’t have much time to do maintenance thoroughly because of busyness and burden of responsibility that must be completed.

Potential to save electricity, due to the large number of openings intended to let sunlight in widely.

Which causes it does not require electrical energy to illuminate it.

Space Efficiency

The concept of a minimalist home is designed with attention to space efficiency, with a focus on optimal use of space without sacrificing comfort.

This is especially important for people living in urban areas where available land is limited.

Save development costs

Minimalist home designs can also save costs, because they tend to have a smaller size compared to traditional houses.

This makes it more affordable in terms of building, maintenance and utility costs.

Modern look

A minimalist home design has a modern and simple appearance. This is suitable for a simple and modern lifestyle that is currently in trend.

In addition, the minimalist design also gives a more spacious and clean impression.

Healthy environment

Minimalist homes also tend to have lots of natural light and better air circulation, because they don’t have many walls and partitions.

This can provide a healthier environment for the occupants.


The minimalist home design also allows for higher creativity in room design and arrangement, because it focuses on efficiency and practicality.

This provides an opportunity for designers to produce more innovative and attractive designs.

The combination of space efficiency, cost-effectiveness, a modern look, a healthy environment and creativity is the main reason why minimalist home designs are excellent.

Advantages of Applying a Minimalist Home Design Application to Residential

reason for a favorite minimalist home design
reasons for a favorite minimalist home design

Indeed, the problem of applying the design plan of a house is taste. However, there are several advantages that residents can take if they use a minimalist design concept.

In accordance with the modern lifestyle

One of the advantages that can be obtained by applying the concept of a minimalist home design is that it is very suitable for today’s modern lifestyle.

That’s because it’s different from the previous generation, which liked a heavier housing concept.

By utilizing the concept of a minimalist home, it will appear that the residence is more comfortable and spacious.

The reason is that nowadays it is very difficult to obtain housing land even if the available area is not too large.

So to get a comfortable house that is synonymous with spaciousness and spaciousness, generally many people suggest making a house with a minimalist design.

That is why, this residence has minimal insulation so it looks more spacious.

High value investment

Because it is in accordance with the modern lifestyle, having a house with a minimalist concept is a high-value investment.

Because the next generation will look for it. Usually also don’t want to bother too much to have a house with ornaments that are difficult to maintain.

So that if at any time the homeowner is forced to sell that one it will be easier to find a buyer. Because, the concept is very easy to redesign with a more recent minimalist style.

Prices are more affordable and economical

One of the things that makes house prices higher is the use of raw materials. Because in general, a house consists of several rooms, which obviously require lots of insulation.

Because a minimalist home minimizes partitions between rooms, you can reduce construction costs so that it fits your budget better.

Because of that there are lots of minimalist residential designs that are sold by developers at more economical prices compared to other models.

Impressed broad and roomy

The concept of a minimalist home has no partitions. Then the owner will feel that the room feels spacious and airy.

Apart from the lack of insulation, the impression can be obtained from the application of a monochrome paint color so that the walls look limitless.

This also needs to be supported by the use of furniture that has a design that is no different from the concept of a house.

This means that residents need to consider buying residential equipment that fits the minimalist concept.

Timeless design

Still can a minimalist home is a design that is timeless. Because it is minimal with ornaments, it can be accepted for a long time from generation to generation.

So if you are going to renovate, you just need to add a few elements that can make it look like new again.

An example that can be done is to replace the door leaf using a more solid material.

Or you can also paint the walls of the house with a fresher color. A simple touch like that alone is able to make this minimalist home stand out in a simple way.

Easy and inexpensive maintenance

Minimalist home maintenance is not too difficult, this is because it removes unnecessary ornaments.

Even though on a daily basis you still have to do the cleaning in simple ways such as sweeping and mopping.

However, residents don’t need to spend too much time cleaning up every special game that exists.

Because minimalist homes generally don’t have decorations that are felt to be unimportant and have no function.

In addition, the maintenance needed to ensure that a minimalist home is clean is not too expensive.

Indeed, because in terms of the material used, it is quite solid and strong, so no special cleaning agents are needed.

The most that can be calculated is the use of electricity costs where you don’t need to turn on the lights at all to illuminate the room during the day.

So, generally the window openings are large and wide which allows sunlight to enter unhindered.

Minimalist homes can also reduce the use of air conditioning by utilizing the open space concept. Because occupants can open the available windows quite a lot.

Easy to find appropriate furniture

Even though a minimalist home really glorifies multifunctional furniture, it doesn’t mean that this equipment is difficult to find.

Because many housing trends are moving towards minimalism, there are now several shops that specialize in selling minimalist household products.

Even some of them are foreign products that also have the best quality. Several local manufacturers have enlivened this minimalist furniture market

That’s why its use emphasizes optimal utilization of functions.

Important point

In general, the reasons for a favorite minimalist home design to be excellent is for several significant reasons.

First, the minimalist design gives a modern and elegant impression, by reducing excessive decorative elements and opting for a clean and simple look.

Second, the minimalist design allows for effective and efficient use of space, with a focus on functionality and utility rather than mere aesthetics.

Third, the minimalist design promotes cleanliness and order, by reducing clutter and making it easier for homeowners to keep the space clean and tidy.

Overall, the minimalist home design meets the needs of modern society for a practical, minimalist and efficient lifestyle, which has made it a popular choice today.

You can put forward the concept of a minimalist home that you want to emphasize more on comfort.

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