House Building Tips – Cheap and Simple

House building tips– Nowadays, it takes quite a lot of funds to build a dwelling, and it is increasingly out of reach for some people with low incomes.

One fast way to own a dwelling is with a mortgage loan facility for small type houses. But not everyone can get this facility.

This is due to insufficient requirements because it is not a fixed income as an employee.

This time IDEASOMES will help you to get a simple dwelling but at a low price.

The way that you can take other than mortgage facilities for small houses is to buy land to build a house.

Usually found on the outskirts of town. On the outskirts of cities or in villages, land prices are relatively cheaper compared to downtown.

Land with an area of 60m2 to 100m2 is enough to build a simple two-bedroom dwelling.

The cost of building a house in a rural area is also relatively cheaper because it uses local materials which are also cheaper.

Ways and House Building Tips – Cheap and Simple

house building tips
house building tips

Here are some tips on building cheap and simple housing:

Set a realistic budget

Determine how much money you can afford to spend on building a dwelling, and ensure that your budget is realistic considering the costs of materials, labor and other costs associated with the project.

Keep the design simple

Choose a simple and minimalistic design, as a complicated and complex design can significantly increase project costs.

Choose cheap but quality materials

Look for materials that are high-quality but still affordable, such as adobe bricks or inexpensive wood that are strong and durable.

Take advantage of used materials

Some materials, such as wood, roof tiles or used bricks, can be reused and recycled to build houses. This can save costs as well as help the environment.

Do the work yourself

If you have the skills and experience in building, then do as much of the work yourself as possible, such as laying tiles or laying electrical wiring. This can save labor costs.

Make a dwelling with the right size

The size of the house must be adjusted to the needs of your family, because a house that is too big will cost you more.

Avoid redundant features

Avoid installing non-essential features, such as a swimming pool or sauna, as these can significantly increase project costs.

Use natural lighting

Use natural lighting as much as possible, as this can save on electricity costs and provide a healthier atmosphere.

Choose a strategic location

Choose a strategic and affordable location to build your residence. Make sure that your residence is close to public facilities such as schools, hospitals and markets.

Those are 9 tips on building simple housing at low cost.

Tips on Saving a Budget Building a Simple House

Work system

Choose a daily work system to build your house. To build a house with two bedrooms or type 36 to 45.

You only need two workers, one handyman and one driver, so look for a handyman who can do everything.

By using this work system, the performance of workers can be measured. If it’s still lacking, you can find a better workforce.

Indeed, it takes longer to complete a house with two workers, but the weekly wages that you have to spend are not too heavy.

Choose materials

To get cheap materials, you can use local materials such as terrace bricks found at the nearest hardware store.

However, you can still get other materials such as herbs to replace red bricks. For the frame of the roof of the house, you can use rafters, zinc, bamboo or wood.

For roof coverings, you can use ground tiles or plentong. As for doors and frames, you can use local wood because the price is cheaper than camphor or Borneo wood.

Save the cost of column concrete and others

To further save costs in column concrete, sloof and others, you can use scrap iron which you can order from a used iron welding shop.

For this reason, if you will save more costs, plus if you are a person who is good at negotiating.

Then you can immediately order ready-to-use sloof, concrete framework and others, so the builders only need to install it.

Save the cost of cement

To save on cement costs, you can save on the part of the job that doesn’t have a risk, namely the plastering of walls.

And to save on mortar, you can use a mixture of cement and limestone or mill flour.

The comparison is 1 cement: 4 mill. But never save costs in mixing columns, beams, sloofs, brick masonry or foundations.

Because basically these works are structural works that must be built firmly.

Floor and ceiling work

For floor work, you can choose tiles that are cheap, the choices are also very diverse. For the ceiling frame, use local wood materials.

As for the cover, use asbestos-based plasterboard 100 x 100 cm to save more wood while being waterproof.

By applying the tips above, you can practice tips on building cheap and simple housing without sacrificing quality and comfort.


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