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Home Garden Design This Year’s Choice – Peek at the Concept!

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Home garden design can provide significant added value to the aesthetics of a house, so there are many benefits from making a garden.

A well-designed garden can provide a sense of peace and relaxation, as well as create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

This type of home garden design can be adjusted to the tastes of the homeowner, so that each garden has a different uniqueness and character.

Not only that, a well-designed garden can also increase the property value of the house and become one of the determining factors in the buyer’s decision to buy the house.

Therefore, paying attention to home garden design is very important for homeowners who want to create a beautiful and comfortable environment.

With the increasing popularity of the function of the garden as one of the elements of the beauty of a dwelling, knowing the types of gardens that exist is an important thing to pay attention to.

The goal, of course, is to align the garden design with the architectural style and size of the house.

Here are Some Examples of Home Garden Designs, Recommendations for Added Value to Your Home

home garden design

Here are the types of gardens that you need to know before deciding to build or create a garden in your home.

Japanese garden concept

As the name implies, the Japanese garden is a type of garden adapted from the Land of the Rising Sun. This type of garden, of course, has a characteristic form of plants.

Interspersed with some typical Japanese ornaments such as bonsai, bamboo, wind chimes, stones and koi fish ponds.

So, the Japanese garden design is very suitable for a minimalist home with a note of using ornaments that are not too thick.

For example, placing too many bonsai plants will actually make a garden, which actually functions to beautify the appearance of the main house, will actually become a competitor for the decoration of the house itself.

This will actually cause incompatibility in the design of the house as a whole.

Mediterranean garden

Mediterranean garden construction is one of the most suitable garden designs to be combined with a minimalist style house.

Some types of plants that can be planted for this type of garden are agave, yucca, nolina and cycad and bromeliad palms.

The use of ornaments such as garden lights, statues, pots with supports (stands), fish ponds and coral stones are the main elements of the Mediterranean garden.

Therefore, this type of garden usually tends to be simple and more symmetrical when compared to other types of gardens.

Minimalist garden

One of the benchmarks that can be used to determine whether a garden is a minimalist garden or not is the area of the garden and the use of ornaments in it.

If the garden that is built is not very large with fairly simple ornaments, then the garden can be classified as a minimalist garden.

The types of plants used are usually not too diverse.

In this case, arrangement is an important factor. so that with this minimalist garden design it will look beautiful with maximum function.

Dry garden

Actually this park is not too different from other types of parks. This type of garden does not involve much water in it.

The types of plants that are used are usually plants that do not require a lot of water to grow, considering that this type of garden is usually found in the house.

Many choose dry gardens as an alternative to choose from if the land around the house does not allow a large enough garden to be built.

European style garden

Unlike the previous types of gardens, the European garden is a type of garden with a fairly complex design.

The use of flower plants with various colors combined with ornaments typical of European gardens is a feature of this type of garden.

In terms of area, European gardens usually have a wide area.

Classic garden

Classic garden design is a type of garden with a much-loved design in the past. In contrast to a minimalist garden, this type of garden area is usually wider.

With tree plants in it like a palm tree. Apart from being a means of beautifying the house, a classic garden can usually be used as a means of playing, given the wide area that is quite supportive.

Balinese garden

The Balinese garden is one of the most popular domestic garden concepts at the moment. Inspired by Balinese culture.

The use of gazebos, statues, ponds and gates typical of Balinese architecture is a must-have.

What needs to be remembered, Balinese gardens have a very strong character so not all houses can be combined with this type of garden.

Vertical gardens

If we don’t have enough land to build a garden, a vertical garden is an option to consider.

With this garden concept, we can build a garden vertically with walls as a garden area. Types of plants that can be used for vertical gardens are usually quite limited.

So, with good arrangement, this type of garden will really give a different feel to a dwelling.

Roof Garden

Roof garden is another alternative for a garden. This park is built on top of a building (on the roof).

Usually, roof gardens are built on high-rise buildings such as hotels as a means of greening which is very useful, especially in big cities.


To create a home garden design, there are many things to consider such as design concepts, garden size, types of plants, material selection, and proper garden maintenance.

However, with proper planning and management, a home garden can be one of the most attractive parts of a home.

Creating a beautiful and attractive home garden can bring many benefits to homeowners, be it as a place to relax or as part of home decoration.

Therefore, for homeowners who want to create a beautiful and comfortable home garden, it is important to pay attention to all the aspects needed in designing a home garden that suits their needs and personal tastes.

Thus a brief explanation of the types of parks that are currently popular.

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